“Smash” And Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Go Into Show Business

My apologies up front to those of you who are actors or work in show biz or are Broadway show devotees. Listen, when I was real young, growing up in the NY metro area, and just starting college, I fantasied about becoming an actor. I bought Variety, checked the call-ups, investigated those actors studios in Manhattan, even did my master’s degree at the University of Southern California in LA at its Drama School. Though my focus was on the lit side, I took some acting classes, even had a one act play I wrote produced.  At 5’ 6”, I envisioned myself the next Dustin Hoffman.

Well, watching “Smash,’ NBC’s inside show biz series which is going down like the Titanic in ratings, reminded me why my choice to enter the business world, healthcare public relations and marketing to be exact, was by far a much better career choice.

Now I love “Smash,” less for its soap opera-ish storylines than for its terrific Broadway level production  numbers. But watching adults acting like spoiled kids because they didn’t get what they wanted – the role, the show, the “artistic freedom” – Jesus, I wonder how long I would have lasted in that stupid, immature silly little world.  (P.S.: Not all that different from gay life, come to think of it.)

I remember tricking years ago with a guy who was a costume designer’s assistant on Broadway. He was already in his late thirties at the time (I was still in my twenties), lived in a closet and bemoaned his choice of careers which offered him little job security and, when he was working, shit money.

Sure, the business world is cut throat and I experienced more than my fair share of office politics, over-active egos (like in M.D.’s)  and  backstabbing;  that’s why I have a love-hate relationship with shows like “Mad Men” which chronicles the advertising age of the ‘60’s,  and “The Good Wife” and the gyrations of its fictional law firm, since they both depict this devious behavior in all its unabashed glory.

But, hell, at least on my job I dealt with health care services people need, not some bunch of grown-ups playing make believe.

Unfortunately too many young’ens in our society are mesmerized by the glitz and want to become rock stars, sports celebs, and movie icons, thinking that’s the easiest way to the pot of gold, or they idolize these people who,  after all, are only performers.

How about those researchers searching for a cure for cancer?

Wonder why our country’s brain trust is rapidly drying up?

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