April Fool’s Day! NOT

OMG! Are Smaller Dicks The Wave of the Future?

Lately, I’ve blamed my mother’s chain smoking while she was pregnant with me for my love of men. Now it comes out that all the shit we’ve been ingesting without even knowing it – chems in common household items like plastic, air fresheners and even cologne – are causing earlier than normal male puberty and decreasing sperm counts in adult men, and may even lead to a “size matters” crisis in the not too distant future.

According to researchers at the University of Rochester, mothers exposed to high levels of all this crap  are having boy “childs” with smaller dicks.

Who knows? In another 10 or 20 years, being hung may mean having a dick 4 inches long!


Str8 Guys Gone Gay?

As if our mark on mainstream society isn’t pervasive enough, according to a sex survey conducted by the male glam mag “Details,” which a buddy described as the gay GQ, (like how much gayer can you get?), hetero men are learning from us gay boys how to have fun.

1 out of 3 str8 men like to get rimmed; 10% have used butt plugs; 17% have engaged in anal sex; and – Surprise! Surprise! – one out of four have done it with another guy.

Hey, gay or str8, boys will be boys. Right?

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