The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and Us

I don’t profess to be a follower of the latest Census Bureau forms, but maybe you, Iike me, were selected randomly to complete its American Community Survey, designed to collect data to help communities better determine and meet the needs of its citizens.  (As an aside, the Bureau wasted money mailing me a letter telling me I had been selected at random and to watch out for the survey, followed a few days later by a card telling me to complete the survey  – online. (A) Not everybody has the internet and (B) why didn’t you just tell me to complete the thing in the first mailing? Duh.)

What got my gaydar up was when you indicate two adults living in one household, the Bureau asks your relationship to that other person, listing as one of the options, “unmarried partner.” This is followed by questions regarding the sex of the two individuals. Ya think the Census Bureau is finally trying to get a handle on just how many of US are out there?  Or for those of you up on the Census Bureau better than I, is this something  they’ve been doing for a while?

2 thoughts on “The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and Us

  1. It ain’t just all about you. There are plenty of Unmarried heterosexual folks out there that don’t want to do the MARRIAGE thing. They fear things like divorce rules that expose large parts of retirement funds to their deadbeat spouse. Land transfer rights restrictions requiring spousal sign-off. Joint property determinations in health care assistance programs. Prude conditions in grandma’s trust draftings of 25 years ago. Or simply dealing with that human view of, mine is mine, and your’s is mine. Now you my kiss the bride.

    We’d should make sure we know where our goat is tied before we get all hog wild on celebrating, congradulating, and copulating over some new freedom recognition.

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