Catholic Church: Enough Already On The Gay Marriage Pulpit!

I’m fucken tired of these religious pontificating about the evils of gay marriage and how our society will collapse if we gay boys – and girls – continue to hitch legally. First we’ve got an anti-gay Pope who, unless lightning or some scandal like homos in the Curia or the Vatican bank laundering money for the Mafia eliminates him, will be the Bishop for Rome for the next twenty years.  Now, here in South Florida the Archbishop of Miami, a diocese which has seen its fair share of priest pedophilia,  has come out in an editorial in the local daily paper that headlined “Idea of Same Sex Marriage Shows No Real Grasp of Reality.” While he sanctimoniously stresses that his views are no way discriminatory, he points out that God and the Bible decree that marriage can only be between a man and woman since only this family unit can actually create kids and raise them in “bonded and enduring relationships.”

Says Archbishop Wenski: “It is no way unjust to homosexuals (to deny them marriage) than it is unjust (to recognize) heterosexual couples who cohabitate without the legal benefits and protections of a civil marriage.”

He goes on to contradict himself by pointing out that “it is no longer seen as the purview of the state to punish what used to be called fornication and sodomy. But neither should the state involve itself in redefining marriage.”  If not the State, then who? The Catholic Church? What happened to Separation of Church and State?  As important as the family unit is to the continuation of society, isn’t marriage ultimately a secular, legal institution?

What gets my blood boiling the most is, whether gay marriage is right or wrong, OK or sinful, and may in Wenski’s  view open  the gates for legal polygamy, instead of worrying about what a minority of this  population may want, how about focusing on:

  • the ever escalating divorce rate among str8’s?
  • the growing number of str8s “living in sin” while having kids?
  • the millions of fatherless homes that lead to kids, particularly boys, turning to crime and drugs because they have no dad to guide them while their single mom works three jobs?
  • the countless physically, sexually and emotionally abused children at the hands of str8 parents?
  •  the tens of thousands of kids up for adoption, many adopted by gays because str8’s don’t want them, kids who were created by these “holy” unions?
  • the fact many American Catholics and I suspect many Euro-Catholics use birth control because they wanna fuck for fun without the consequences, while those Catholics who have babies like rabbits never consider the financial burdens put on all of us? Especially singles who subsidize other people’s kids through taxes?

Like Jesus said, “Ye among you who has not sinned, cast the first stone.”

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