The Boston Marathon Massacre: Lessons Learned

They’re pretty obvious but worth repeating:

·         Shit can happen anywhere, anytime. All the security in the world can’t stop it.

·         Within reason, do what you wanna do in life. You may not have a tomorrow.

And OK, it looks like they’ll catch the guys who did this, but that still doesn’t negate the fact people were killed, people were maimed. And in the end, is justice really justice when trials take years to mount, go on for eons, and once the perpetrators are convicted, if they’re not found crazy (how many of these guys couldn’t tell right from wrong?), go through endless appeals til the sting of what happened only lingers with the victims.

Take the case of James Holmes, the Colorado theater shooter. He did his dirty deed last July; yet his trial, which is expected to take as long as eleven months, won’t begin til 2014. From the start, he tried to look nuts but seeing that it wouldn’t work, he attempted to weasel out of the death penalty in exchange for pleading guilty (Huh? Like they caught him at the scene.) No go, says the prosecution.

I’m no auto-proponent for capital punishment, but in cases like these, particularly when the scum is caught red-handed either on the scene or on video and there’s virtually no doubt who’s guilty, demand the attorneys get their ducks in  a row, hold the trail within three months of the arrest, give the shitheads one chance at an appeal covering every possible angle their attorneys can find to get them off or eligible for a re-trail.

Then, draw and quarter them on prime time.

Now that’s what I call Reality TV.

One thought on “The Boston Marathon Massacre: Lessons Learned

  1. Ray Soden

    Um….no one has been found, yet…(and I mean YET!) BUT, the DEATH PENALTY, is a very long and lengthy process. And VERY costly, process. Seriously. Slap his sorry ass into a cage for the next 50, or 90, years. It is A LOT less expensive than trying to give HIM more dignity than he gave ANY ONE of the people he killed.

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