The Armed Forces Were So Worried About Gays in the Military …


… And gay men and str8 men in the showers and the trenches together. Well, guess what? Sexual assault cases – read non-consensual sex – by male personnel to both female and male personnel are at an all-time high, 26,000 last year alone, which represents a 39% increase in just two years, with just a pitiful 1200 convictions. While overwhelming male assaults to females, 12% of incidents are men being sexual assaulted by other men. But it seems this super-butch sub-culture’s brass thinks it’s OK and has looked the other way too many times. Hell, just recently the man who headed the Air Force anti-sexual assault task force was himself charged with groping a female officer.


Generals, it’s time you worried about this issue first, not some lonely private comin’ on to his sergeant. 

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