Gay Guys Having Less Sex?


According to the latest National Survey of Family Growth, which is conducted by the Centers for Disease Control or CDC, gay men are having fewer sex partners, particularly men in their twenties. This, at the same time 58% of men are NOT using a condom during anal sex.  

Why? CDC thinks it’s because “gay men appear to have taken steps that could reduce their HIV risk by using a method that has received little emphasis in HIV prevention programs for gay men – reducing their number of partners – while not increasing condom use, which has received the most emphasis.”

Guys, fucken wake up! The reason the number of sex partners have dropped is because more and more guys are turning to the web and Skype, for what I call virtual or second hand sex. With all those hot men and their hot dirty pics, plus all that amateur porn on sites like xtube for free, all you need is three minutes and your hand (dirty talk, nipple clamps and sitting on a dildo are optional) and bingo –  you’re there! No mouthwash, no shower and – heaven forbid – no disease risk.  

As for condom-less sex on a slight upswing, check out the bareback sites and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  There’s a whole army of gay men who think they’re invincible, are already infected and don’t give a shit, or view AIDS as an “old faggot’s” disease.

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