New Novel, “The Easy Way Out” To Be Published May 25

The Easy Way Out coverI’m pleased to report that my latest book, “The Easy Way Out,” will be published on May 25 by Silver Publishing.

Set at the turn of the new millennium, “The Easy Way Out” is the story of Josh, a young,  street-smart Florida drifter who is snatched from his dead-end existence as a male hustler in a cheap Key Largo motel by Bishop, a Wall Street power broker, who sets him up as his trophy boy in Manhattan society. There Josh, after leading a promiscuous lifestyle among New York City’s gay sub-culture, meets Hylan, a young, bi-racial down-on-his luck, wheelchair-bound musician who awakens in Josh what love can be between two men. But their chance at happiness and the lives of those around them are forever changed by 9/11.

Largely autobiographical, the book is dedicated to “the people I’ve known in my life who now live as characters in this book, a book closer to fact than fiction.”

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