18 Year Old Girl Seduces 14 Year Old – Girl: Is This a Crime?


Interesting case that just went public down here in South Florida. Seems an 18 year Barbie doll cheer leader type has been charged with sexual molesting a14 year old – girl – at her high school. They were caught – where else – but in the school john screwing’ around. Nowadays, 14 year olds know more about sex than I did when I was 21, and there has been an outcry on the social networks protesting the 18 year being charged.  Of course, the gay media is already accusing the authorities of sexual discrimination because it was two girls getting it on.


Yea, maybe the law is antiquated, particularly when it comes to two young’ens just having fun, but the law is the law and at 18 “Barbie” should have known better or, at least, been savvy enough to play elsewhere. I wonder how many people would be yelling fowl if “Barbie” was a “Ken” instead?



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