My Memorial Day Sex Marathon

I wasn’t going to tell you all about my Memorial Day Sex Marathon for fear you’d think I was a braggart. But most of you think that already, so what the fuck – here’s the Cliff Notes version of what and who I did – and who did me. And this is all true, folks, no fantasy fiction here.

Last Thursday night I went to my favorite local sex club, Slammers, dressed in jeans, boots, no shirt, cap and leather arm bands, and I guess the persona worked because there was a feeding frenzy for my dick at the glory holes.

Friday, after spending a quiet day at my pool with my doggies (we had sunny hot weather here in Fort Lauderdale the whole weekend), I revisited Slammers, had my fun, and after a beer at my favorite leather watering hole Ramrod, connected with one of my kinky fuck buddies who’s into sounds like me. We played until 3.

Saturday I spent the afternoon at the pool at a local mini-gay resort, Depot where I socialized in my bikini (sorry guys, the pool is near the street so no skinny dipping), and did an encore appearance at Slammers and Ramrod that night.

Sunday I hit the beach that was packed by 10:30 and later swung by the Depot for its afternoon T Dance. Sunday night I went international and connected with a 6 foot 2 hunk from Frankfort, Germany whose English was barely passable but looks were Butch City. Despite his eight inch dangling dick, he wanted to suck mine but I ended up fucking him too. Funny, he said he shaved most of his body hair, apparently the in-look for gay men in Europe, but loved my fur. Go figure.  

Monday it got cloudy for a bit, perfect for more sex and I rendezvoused with an instant web lover, a slim, trim, lightly muscular, lightly furry guy who also claimed he wanted oral sex but ended up with my cock up his beautiful muscular butt. When my cock got worn out, I stuck two fingers up his hole – no, he had never been fisted – and found the G spot that drove him wild, right to Orgasm Heaven. Another one who loved his Daddy.

Tuesday, a sleazy hairy pig came and visited me where we spent a rainy afternoon having super kink sex; Wednesday afternoon a young Latin who loved to be my boy came over for the third time to drain my Daddy Dick; and Wednesday night, I finally connected with a flight attendant in town, who had been wanting to hook up all weekend – with my fist.

When I got to his place, a fist fucking festival was already in progress with two short, lightly muscular smooth country boys in from Oklahoma who were vacationing in South Beach but came up for some fun. I played the Daddy role to Academy Award perfection, taking turns with my flight attendant host fucking and fisting our Okies to “fucken A, fucken A” status. The cuter of the two dug my fur so much I think I could have adopted him. I finally managed to fist my host while the boys took a break. Though, at 6’6”, he was a foot taller than me, it all evened out on the bed.

 I know, you’re saying to yourself, what a sad, shallow bastard and you’re right. And having had 8 guys plus a handful of drive-by sexual encounters in 7 days, I’m sure I’ll be box office poison for the next two weeks on the web. But I still had fucken fun with guys old enough to my sons, and have a sore dick to prove it.  

Sorry, what did you say you did on YOUR Memorial Day weekend?

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