Baptist Minister Blames the Okie Tornado Disaster on NBA Player Jason Collins Coming Out of the Closet  

Don’t you wish we had such awesome power? We could bring down the Mormon Tabernacle, or every  Baptist Church in the Bible Belt. Better still, we could make every hunky str8 guy we know fall in love with us. That is, of course, after he has two boy childs by his wife or girlfriends to replenish the race.

Power? Hell, I can’t even seduce a guy in a bar to come home with me.

My Fond Memories of Liberace

That bioflick about the 1950’s most celebrated and accepted fag, Liberace, is now out on HBO. (The studios deemed it “too gay” for theatrical release.) Well, back in the day when I was all of 7, I was a member of the Liberace Club, designed to encourage young pianists like myself. Hell, I even did a few recitals before we moved to another town, I lost touch with my piano teacher, Miss Fine, and stopped playing altogether.

I still have pics of myself on stage in my little tux which, being a short guy. I probably could still fit into.

A Boy Scouts Schism Afoot?

I predict the decision by the Boy Scouts to allow openly gay scouts, a good and righteous one, though belated, will lead to a major schism in the century old institution akin to the Confederate states seceding from the Union. While some or even many of their members probably don’t give a damn about the new ruling, the religious organizations that sponsor 70% of all the Boy Scout troops in the U.S.  may be forced to leave to save face. The result could be a whole new organization, perhaps called the Young Mens Scouting Society of America that would definitely disembowel the originator.

Gay Violence, Gay Marriage: Could There Be a Link?   

The recent violent attacks against gay men, including one murder,  in NYC’s Greenwich Village, where gay liberation began 40 plus years ago, underscore a reality many gays don’t want to admit, particularly those hiding out in our cloistered gay ghettos, and gay activists don’t want to believe: that that are a lot of people out there who don’t like and will never tolerate us and, realizing we are slowly but surely getting more of what we want and deserve as citizens, are lashing out in ugly ways. Could this be the beginning of a resurgence in gay hate crimes?

Hell, gay marriage is now law in France and they’re still having protests.

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