Bottoms, Listen Up!

Here I am getting nasty again but can ask a simple question? How come it’s always the bottoms who play hard to get? I mean hey, top guys, we got the tool they want, right? I mean, I can always whack off to some porn or myself in the mirror, but bottoms need a nice Elbow Greased dildo up their butt to feel real good, if they can’t get the Real Deal.

Yet on line, it’s the bottoms who almost always have some fucken excuse why they aren’t free or won’t be free in the foreseeable future, or need a dispensation from the Pope or the Governor or the President to make it happen. That is, after they’ve gone on in very Technicolor detail what they want you to do with their ass.

Hell, I live in a Bottom Town, Fort La-dee-dah, where bottoms outnumber tops 10 to 1, and at times I feel it’s us top guys, a rare breed,  who should unionize and start charging by the hour or by the fuck, whichever pays better.

O.K., I’m ready for the hate mail.

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