The NSA Snitch: Was It Worth It?

I know some of you idealists applaud the guy who spilled the beans on the National Security Agency, and by no means am I, who pay a hell of lot in federal taxes, a lover of big government.  But I’m a realistic and a pragmatic faggot. First, are we are all that surprised that Big Brother is watching us and our every move?As we become increasingly more dependent on all this technology we can’t live without, it would almost be a crime not to snoop. Secondly, in order to cover our asses in terms of terrorism in today’s modern world, sadly we need to relinquish some of our so-called privacy. Thirdly, would you fuck up your entire life for a cause? He’s a snitch that will either end up in jail if and more likely when the feds catch up to him, or will be a piranha for the rest of his life that no one will hire. After all, would YOU hire a snitch?

All I wanna know is how did a high school drop-up get a high level job like that to begin with???

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