We Ain’t There Yet.

In a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, a whopping 92% of those who responded said society is more accepting of us, in contrast to just a decade ago. BUT, and here’s the big but: More than half still said much discrimination remains and almost two thirds said they were slurred or laughed at because they were gay. And one out of 3 said they had not come out to their parents.

Again, those of us who are fortunate (I think) to live in urban areas are lulled into a false reality that everybody loves us. Most of the country’s population still lives in suburbia or the sticks where acceptance, hell even tolerance, may still be in the Dark Ages.  With the recent gay bashings in one of America’s gayest towns, New York City, you got to wonder how much we’re even accepted there, and how much of this so-called acceptance for us is because str8 society finally woke up to the fact we’re an economic force with a hell of lot of discretionary income.

Look at the recent Gay days in Disney World. Not officially sanctioned by the Disney Corporation so not to offend its overwhelming str8 clientele, the event still attracts thousands of gays each year who think Disney is this great friend of the gay community. Wake the fuck up guys! Disney was smart enough to focus on a market niche that it makes millions off of over every year.

Sure, guys have fun, in and out of bed, with their buddies or new friend, but as I overheard one guy comment at the gym, “We spent most of our time waiting in line for the rides.”

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