No Pics??

I’m sure it’s happened to you too – or maybe you’re one of the culprits. A guy hits you up on one of the hook-up sites or wants to be your friend on Facebook, but he’s ain’t got a face pic. No even one with sunglasses on. Nothing. Zilch. (I won’t even get into guys who post pics older than my 8 track player.) Now, what are guys afraid of? That their boss or bf is gonna find out they’re fucking around? (O.K., I’ll buy the bf who if he finds you on Manhunt means he’s probably fucking around too.) Or with Facebook, that they’re in some third world country with lots of oil $$$ where they cut your dick off if you use social media? I mean, isn’t Facebook G-rated? Hell, they’ve forced me to delete a few of my borderline scandalous pics which broke the hearts of my alluring fans.

I mean, what are you hiding? Work for the FBI? Or are you wanted by them?

After all, now we know, thanks to Snowden, that the feds are watching our every move. Not only have they got our Social Security number, where we live, where we work, how much money we have, and every single fucken call or text or web contact we make on our tech toys, hell I think they even know our mother’s bra size when she was 24, the names and our ratings for our last five tricks, and maybe even know who we’re gonna screw around with next.

Before we do!

So, pics.


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