Cut The Shit!

There’s one of the more popular hookup sites that shall remain nameless (hint – it starts with a D like in Dick) whose shtick is linking older guys with younger guys and vice versa. Yet when I submitted my blog awhile back entitled, “Daddy Has Two Sons” which I ran here, they rejected it because “Ginger” (yes, guys, editorial on this big butch site is run by either a girl or a cross-dresser) thought the title was too “provocative” and might be “misconstrued” in these pedophile-sensitive times.

OK, so I open the site the other day to check my mail to find a slew of pics in its “Photo Parade”‘ of young smooth boys who, I don’t give a shit if they say they’re 18, look like they’re still watching their  pubic hairs growing in.

Is this another case of the pot calling the kettle black? Seriously, all of these sites should have an age cut-off of 21 or certify age with a driver’s license # or something; otherwise, one of these days, there’s gonna be some big trouble with the law and that cute 44 year old looking for a Daddy won’t have any place to find me.

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