The Zimmerman Mess

In the end, having watched and listened to a good portion of the trial, I don’t know if the jurors thought Zimmerman was guiltless; there was just too much contradictory gray zone stuff for them to say Zimmerman killed Martin in cold blood BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

But there’s no denying Zimmerman provoked whatever happened, following the guy and not cease and desisting even when the police dispatcher told in to. If someone was following you in the dark, wouldn’t you confront him too? But if Martin had just told him why he was there or to fuck off or punched him in the face, Zimmerman may have retreated. Did Martin, in a sudden burst of anger not atypical for a 17 year old with the hormones raging, tackle Zimmerman and push him to the ground, provoking the gun, the only weapon the apparently weaker Zimmerman thought he had to use?

Who knows?

All I do know is this: if I were Zimmerman, I would have my one way tixs to Costa Rico ready and transfer whatever $$ I got to a bank in the Cayman Islands – NOW.

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