Remember Vinny (post 7/10)?

My forty something hump, paralyzed from the waist down, who I fell in love with two summers ago up here in PA and who suddenly popped up on bear411 just a week ago? Well, we got together at a local motel where, out of my element in homophobic rural America, I passed Vinny off as my handicapped half-brother. This time he brought his big black Labrador assistance animal, Bosco, who dutifully carried his bag into the motel room and then promptly found a corner to curl up in while I said “hey man” to his master with a kiss that lasted a good five minutes.

Yes, the magic was still there.

In fact, we kissed most of the next hour and forty-five minutes away, that is when “Boss” (as Vinny likes to call me) wasn’t playing rough just as his truck stop buddy likes it, holding his  muscular arms (Vinny had apparently been buffing up since I saw him last) behind his head while I force-fed him my stiff cock. And once we smoked some of his medicinal weed he uses when his leg spasms start acting up, things got real intense. Heavy nip play, sniffing armpits, him eating my hairy butt while I got his dick happy with some tough ball tugging. Then we kissed and embraced some more.

No, it wasn’t the sexiest hard-core sex I’ve ever had (Vinny still has some problems with his plumbing), but it certainly ranked up there as some of the most sensual. As if only two days, not two years had passed since we last held one another tight, the ac intentionally off, so there was plenty of stench and sweat on our hairy bodies to savor, feel and taste.

Vinny has another trip planned the beginning of September to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, the epicenter of research into the malady that left him paralyzed in the space of a weekend from some rare spinal viral infection. And, yes, there is renewed hope that stem cell implantation may be the answer to nerve regeneration and his walking again.

Oh, besides hopefully getting together a few more times til Labor Day when I return to Fort Lauderdale, it looks like one of us will be taking a trip this fall – either Vinny to my place (sliding glass doors open up to the patio area from every room of my house so he should be able to get around) or me to his, outside Poughkeepsie, upstate New York.

Hell, Jet Blue has non-stop flights between him and me, Vinny likes to swim, and I got a nice heated in-ground pool in my screened in patio.

And if you think I’m gonna to keep my central air on, think again.

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