NSA Leaks And Ariel Castro

Get Those “Our Privacy Policy” Mailers?

You know, from your banks, credit card companies, even smartphone carriers?

Shouldn’t they save the bucks printing and mailing out all that fine point shit out after the Snowdon NSA leak? Hell, our lives are one electronic open book.

And whether you think Snowdon is a traitor, a patriot,  or just a jerk, Russia, which has offered him at least temporary asylum, is no bastion of free thinking; hell, even uttering the word “homosexuality” can land you in prison.

Know why the only threat Obama’s made so far is cancelling some upcoming talks scheduled with Putin and maybe pulling out of next year’s Winter Olympics being held in Russia? Because, while we export about $11 billion in goods to Russia, mostly machinery, we buy from them $13 billion worth of stuff, $10 bill of which is for – you guessed it – oil.

Why Are We Spending Millions of Dollars on Trials for Guys Caught Red-handed?

Yes, Ariel Castro should have been hung by his balls on prime time reality TV, but at least the State of Ohio saved millions of dollars in a long winded trial by offering him his thousand years in jail plea deal, as well as save his victims the additional grief of having to relive their horrors in a court room.

So why are we having super costly trials for the Fort Hood, Texas and Aurora, Colorado theater shooters? Both were caught literally in the act. Decide if they’re nuts and then either hang ‘em high or  throw away the key!

Centuries ago they had public hangings as a form of entertainment; maybe we should start bringing them back. Boy, would all those smartphone carriers love us eating up our data plans as we watched the proceedings over coffee and donuts in the office.

While life without parole so many of these scumballs get may sound like a death sentence, you, the taxpayer will be paying for their room and board, 50 inch LED TV, medical care and all the rest for the next 99 years while their victims are rotting away in their graves and their families permanently fucked. Is it really fair to the victims who had no chance to even defend themselves or were brutally murdered? Constitution aside, do such evil evil people deserve a break from “cruel and inhumane punishment” they themselves inflicted on their prey? How do you think the Founding Fathers would have reacted?

Allow ‘em two appeals – no 20 years on death row – then give ‘em the needle.

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