How Young Is Too Young?

Hey, I’m an older, way over 40 gay guy who prefers guys north of 40 too, but so many of my contemporaries are “looking for younger,” I’m about to give in to the trend and start playing up to all those twenty somethings who hit me up drooling for a Daddy – for sex not $$.  (Like the 27 year old hairy six footer I had last week.) But, how young is too young? 18? 19? With pics that look like they’re still in grammar school?

I’ve already brought up my concerns a few times here that the hook-up sites should make their minimum eligibility age 21, for fear they may be accused of fostering pedophile–friendly encounters.

Paranoid you say?  Well, just today, the Sun Sentinel daily in South Florida ran a story where

“police and prosecutors in nearly every state …are calling on Congress to amend the Communications Decency Act of 1996 so state laws can be used to bring charges against websites which allows paying users to post sex ads.”

While the primary target are sites like “Backpage” that apparently are being used for condoning prostitution and child-sex trafficking, how far are we from the feds and the states severely censoring hook up sites – str8 and gay – when you’ve got these come hither profiles from kids who are barely legal, if they’re truly legal to begin with?

Like the local baby-faced 18 year old who hit me up today on Scruff with “sexy, I need a hot hairy bear real bad,” and proceeded for another five messages to tell me what he wanted me to do to him til I finally told him, “You’re way too young. And I don’t do it in cars.”

I very rarely respond to even a 21 or 25 year old’s “hey, hot daddy” cold calls since, frankly, most of them have the social skills of a snail. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets a message from some “kid” who is leading you and your dick on so that by the third message he’s giving you a hard luck story and looking for you to send him money.

I’m also gun shy about these young young guy profiles since, again call me paranoid, are they part of some fucked up sting operation?

Opponents to changing the law say “the proposed amendment would jeopardize the continued growth of the entire Internet industry and the free expression rights of Internet users everywhere.” But with Big Brother already looking at all our phone calls and e-mails and web activities, anything’s possible. And if the hook-up sites so many of us use for sex, virtual sex, making new buddies or just exchanging recipes, are closed down, we all lose.







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