What the Miley Mess Says About All of Us

First Miley – and by default MTV – got exactly what she wanted. Tons and tons of after-show publicity, Including more tweets than all the twitty teen groupies who follow her. So what if some, if not most of the comments she got burned her at the stake. Like an old time Hollywood star once uttered, “Doesn’t matter what they say about you. Just as long as they spell your name right.”

But’s Miley’s porny, foam phallic performance was indicative and symptomatic of a greater phenomenon that’s infecting our society as a whole as well as in our own sub-culture of gay men.

Sexual Ennui.

Sex is all around us, naked flesh, tits, nips, butts, crotches – and a lot, lot more if you hit the hook-up sites or xtube. Hell, even Kraft is using soft porn to sell friggen cheese. The cumulative effect of this constant bombardment is a bunch of soft dicks and record sales of Viagra. Most of us have become so desensitized that we need more and more quirks and kinks to get us aroused not just physically but mentally (which is 90% of any hard-on anyway.) So are you all that scandalized that poor, desperate souls like Miley try to push the boundaries of TV to its breaking point just to capture attention and try to rise above all that titillating competition?

And fuck gagging on a nine inch cock – I think that tongue of hers would take asphyxiation sex to a whole new dimension.

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