Ariel’s “Men”

If you getting bored ogling over masculine male flesh on the web, google photographer Nir Ariel and take a gander at his new portrait series, “Men” which according to his blurb, “places men in traditionally feminine spaces and postures, illuminating the human characteristics that have, over time, become decidedly feminine traits. These male muses make us wish men felt free to explore their feminine sides more often.”

OK, listen, to each his own, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all those other bullshit clichés, but every one of the guys this asshole shutter clicker used look like twinks’ twinks to me. Hey, they’re all young but that’s not the problem. They’re not just getting in touch with their “feminine side,” they look like they’re in the middle of transsexual surgery. Another example of the urban gay effete look that our culture and gay media is buying, hook, line and sinker.

But what do YOU think?

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