Here I Go Sticking My Nose into Politics Again …

.. but if some Hollywood airhead can, so can I.

I think it’s time we decide whether we want to continue playing Big Daddy to the world or focus inward on our own troubles. As horrendous as the war crimes committed in Syria were, is it our job to police the world? Why is the UN still farting around?

Something’s wrong when we are going to burn through a billion dollars a month we ain’t got while our own folk in places like Jersey or New Orleans, devastated by Mother Nature, are still living in tents. ( I won’t even get into what that money could do to improve education, our infrastructure, job creation, etc., etc., etc.) Plus, if Assad is forced into self-exile with all his millions and his wife’s shoes, the Muslims who are determined to turn Syria into a theocracy have already vowed they will wipe out the Syrian Christian Church which was one of the first in the world when Jesus’ disciples went out to spread the Word. And Assad has already more than implied he has his missiles aimed at Israel if we take action. Who knows where it would end.

But playing devil’s advocate, if we ignore the genocide in Syria, aren’t taking the same sad strategy Europe and the US played in the mid 1930’s, turning our backs on what Hitler was plotting before it was too late to stop him?

In other words, letting some crazy fuck do anything he likes?

What do YOU think?

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