Venting Again

I guess those of you who follow my cummings and goings know I’ve been up at my Poconos, PA home since late June. And while I have always enjoyed the rich countryside, a complete opposite of palmy, sandy and very flat South Florida, the hiking trials, and the young man eye candy at the local Planet Fitness, encounters of a sexual nature were, shall we say, sparse.

So, being my usual sarcastic, prickish self, I thought I might post the following as my Manhunt profile for a day or two before I flipped everything back to my home base, Whore City, USA, better known as Fort Lauderdale, where I’d be back playing the pig. Then again, I said to myself, who’d see it, so, instead here are my vents for your sympathy – and a laugh or two ….

Hey, In A Few Days I’ll Be Headed Back Home To Fort Lauderdale, Florida ….

… where I get more sex in a week than I did here up in the “country” all summer.
So to you guys …
… in Manhattan who think Port Jervis, NY is the sixth borough of NYC and figure you can just grab a subway to get here …
.. who wanted me to meet you in the pet food aisle of Wal-Mart, I guess, so your girl friends or wives didn’t see me …
… who wanted to do it in the back of your car or truck – in broad daylight in the Wal-Mart lot …
… who wanted me to drive an hour and a half to your place (since I couldn’t host) on winding country roads to blow or screw you for ten minutes and then leave …
… who had pics up older than my eight track tape player or else looked like your pubic hair was still growing in …
.. who lived in towns just a few miles away but were waiting for God …
.. who just wanted to trade pics (preferably of my dick) even if you didn’t have any or couldn’t read English when I asked you to open your privates ….
…who had one excuse after another why you couldn’t find time to connect even though you were the one who chased me …

To all of you, I have just one thing to say:

Your loss, not mine.

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