Maybe the Republicans – and Democrats – Should Take a Cue from the Pope

I’m no pope lover, not because I’m wasn’t raised a Catholic (I classify myself as an agnostic Protestant) but because I don’t believe in authority figures telling people how and what to believe; faith is a deeply personal choice.

But I have to give Pope Francis credit who, in his most recent interview, essentially said that the Church should stop micro-managing and focus on the larger overwhelming issues facing humanity.

Hell, I’m gay and certainly believe in marriage equality, but let’s face it guys, isn’t gay marriage, even abortion and birth control fringe issues when compared to everything else affecting our society? (Gay marriage and abortion are citizens’ constitutional rights, so enough with the bullshit.) Meanwhile, our bridges are falling apart, our kids rank near the bottom on the global list in reading, writing, and math aptitude, millions remain unemployed or under- employed, health care, even with Obama Care, is a fucked-up mess, millions in the richest country in the world still go to bed hungry and homeless.

And as we have all been painfully reminded just this week, senseless violence still rules our lives.

When are Republicans – and, yea, even Demmies – gonna get off their soapboxes about issues affecting a minority of us – even if that means us gay men – and start looking at the bigger picture that affects all of us?

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