In A Millenials’ State of Mind

Millenials are members of that generation who played with the web and the cellphone in their cribs. I also like to call them the Pan-Sexual Generation and after reading this, you’ll see why.

Fed up with all these 40+ men who make it sound like they’re doing me a favor to have sex with me, I’ve been gravitating more to the young guys who like their Daddy. Take Mark, a 26 year old, slim, trim, bearded, hairy butch boy who loves my Daddy dick and who I had overnight this weekend, having product tested him the week before. Seems Mark has led life in the fast lane thus far, been a rent boy, done porn, even dated Lauderdale’s leading porn producer, but finally woke up to the fact that he’d better get a trade or he’ll end up like so many guys I see down here who at 52, with their looks gone, have shit.

So Mark has started culinary school at the Art Institute here in Lauderdale where I picked him up to bring him back to my place for a nice extended fuckfest. His handsome furry butt against my crotch, hairy body against hairy body. Love it!

Later, we visited a buddy of his, an out-of-work chef who accidentally set fire to his house while whipping up some gourmet concoction. While he wasn’t fondling his brand new Nokia smartphone, he was sharing some puffs with us of his primo grass in his backyard, chattering on like a meth head (which Mark later confirmed he was) about the ball busting’ insurance adjusters for his burnt-out house or about his love he flashed for us on his smartphone screen. A steroid bodied cruise captain who’s in town every other month and who he would be marrying later this fall in San Diego after being together 11 years. I guess it’s easier to carry on a long term relationship when the guy isn’t next to you in bed farting every morning.

From there we went for overpriced burgers and three dollar Long Island iced teas at the Alibi where Mark ran into, and introduced me to his friends, all twenty somethings like him.

And all str8.

It seems while Mark may not like fucking the ladies, he has a shitload of str8 friends who just love the gay bars and who, like him, move in and out of the str8 social world and gay social world seamlessly. When I came out a lifetime ago, you had to decide which path you would follow. Apparently for the Millenials, that’s no longer true.

Besides a cute married couple, Jim and Lori, who could be models for a Christian Mingle commercial, there was Margo, a dead ringer for a young Angelina Jolie. Now I’ve been exposed to plenty of young folk while teaching college writing but our conversations were usually about research tools and essay structure. So I took this opportunity to chat a bit with Pretty Lady, curious to know what would make str8’s want to invade our world.

Her reply?

”I want at least one gay guy in my life at all times. Gay guys, they’re so honest.”

Hmm? Are we talking about the same species here of men who I find immature and narcissist? OK.

But all this brought me back to a 28 year old accountant I tricked with awhile back off Manhunt.

Tim had been married and divorced but was comfortable in his supposed bisexuality. He enjoyed sex with both men and women and had even fucked around with lesbians hankering for an occasional penis. When I countered him that once you do it with a guy and you have the urges for dick and ass you never go back, he admitted that might be true but the man4man side of his sexuality was not an overwhelming factor. He enjoyed sex when he was with a woman, and enjoyed sex when he was with a man, and, in fact, sought out both sexes. Most astounding to me was his conviction that there was no need to take sides or choose a life. Nor did he think he would ever need to. For Tim, both worlds were his oyster. His straight friends were cool with that as were his gay ones, and after all, it’s a reality that “The Scene” is becoming a blended collage where so-called “gay” bars are being populated more and more by straight women and hetero couples.

As I witnessed that night with Mark at the Alibi.

So is Tim, or Mark or their str8 buddies representative of this new, emerging Pan Sexual Generation where sexuality will no longer be a black and white game? Maybe this is a much healthier outlook on life than the compartmentalized existence so many of us older gay guys lead, but once this blended scene becomes “The Scene,” will we be back where we were 50 years when you didn’t know who was who?

But as Tim quipped as he got up to leave:

“Will it matter?”

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