Hey! Guess What? South Florida is the Syph Capital of the Country!

Yep, it’s official. While the rest of the country has seen cases on a steep decline, South Florida, which includes balmy Fort Lauderdale, glitzy Miami and ritzy Palm Beach, is witnessing a significant spike in syphilis. And wonder who the group infected the most is? Guys 40 and under who have unprotected sex with other men. Gee wiz! Who would have thought?

As one local M.D. involved in the crisis put it, “Fort Lauderdale is s party town. (His words, folks.) Excessive drinking, drug use and unprotected sex among partiers are a catalyst for the county’s increasing sexually transmitted disease rates. We live in the epicenter of communicable diseases.”

This comes as no surprise to me when I see guys getting blown in the back of our bars or bottoms just lying there in the sex club or bath house orgy rooms getting fucked by anything that passes by. And what’s even more astounding is that the owners of these places who are literally printing money apparently are too cheap to hire a minimum wage flunky to play penis police, so when they see unsafe sex being practiced in public areas they intervene. Instead, just as the emerging AIDS crisis in the early ‘80’s led to the closure of the bath houses in San Francisco, these establishments risk getting closed down which besides inconveniencing us gay boys will kill the golden goose for its owners.

So what’s the lesson to be learned? If you do decide to come down here to play, play hard and play long, but just make sure you play it safe.

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