Why Gay Marriage In Little Bitty New Jersey is a Watershed for Marriage Equality

They say it ain’t over til the fat lady sings, but apparently Governor Christie, in dropping his appeal to block gay marriage in New Jersey, decided to leave center stage and not create some brouhaha over what is, after all, a fringe issue three weeks before he’s up for reelection.

New Jersey is only 5 percent the size of Montana but it ranks eleventh in population density and is located in that critical Northeast corridor where many Americans and gays live. In fact, with the exception of California and Washington State, virtually all states now sanctioning same sex marriage equal to hetero marriage lie on the East Coast, or more specifically, the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. So be it, since that’s still where many of the best paying jobs are and the urban meccas like NYC, Boston, D.C., even Philly though PA is still on our shit list, and their neighboring bedroom burbs where gays feel more comfortable to live and work.

That’s not to say the fight is over, not by a long shot. There are still 35 states that ban same sex marriage, including heavily gay populated ones like Illinois, home of megatropolis Chicago, or Texas, home of Dallas and Houston. But what’s important about the New Jersey victory is that Jersey had endorsed civil unions and deemed them equivalent to str8 marriage, but as the courts wisely concluded, civil unions are not entitled to the same federal benefits as traditional marriage, per June’s landmark Supreme Court decision, and therefore are unequal and unconstitutional.

As I’ve said here before, it’s only a matter of time before every state, even the Bible Belt and Redneck ones, are forced to capitulate to this legal reality.

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