I’m no socialist but something’s wrong with this society when …

… Fort Lauderdale is holding its Annual Boat Show, the so called biggest in the world, where multimillion floating mansions are up for sale for the ultra-rich while 22 million people in this country remain unemployed or underemployed, the average wage for a family of four is sixty seven thou a year, and victims of Sandy are still waiting a year later for insurance money to rebuild their homes.

… Wall Street is continuing to boom, not on news of real and steady jobs creation but higher corporate earnings at the expense of jobs and the continuation by the feds to artificially prop up our fragile economy by pumping more funny money into it, raising the prospects of future inflation.

… Most wage earners are seeing less in their paychecks while milk is selling for four bucks a gallon – what, have the cows gone union?

… Responsible people who had their own health insurance are now losing it to kinks in Obamacare and the greed of Corporate America and can’t even apply for an alternative because the Affordable Healthcare website is super fucked. I know a number of guys whose work hours were reduced so they would no longer be eligible for employer health coverage or are seeing their premiums go through the roof.

God help us all.

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