The Stupidest Thing the Republicans Could Do Right Now is Vote Against the Gay Rights Bill

The Senate has voted overwhelming to advance a bill that would finally ban workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity but it faces an uphill battle in the Republican dominated House.

I think these tight assed Republicans, particularly the Tea Party boys, need either X-Lax or a good fisting to loosen ‘em up. The Republican Party is about as with it on what’s happening in American society today as a dial up internet connection, and if they don’t change their tune on social issues like abortion, gay rights and gun control, they’re dead in the water in future elections.

Don’t they get it??

OK, maybe the Obama Administration has fucked up on a few things, but blacks, Latinos, women and gays, who BTW represent all of these demographics, will continue to have a decisive voice going forward. This would be a perfect opportunity for the party to show us that it can be ecumenical. And as I said before, let’s stop wasting time dissecting these fringe issues, as important as they may be, when our fucken country, its economy, its educational system, its infrastructure, and, yes, despite Obamacare, its health care system, are all falling part.

Just say, “We respect the rights of the individual,” and move on!

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