Fantasy Can Cost Ya – Yes Sir!

Here’s another cautionary tale for those of you who like ‘em young.

A former big time TV weatherman down here in South Florida was recently convicted for immoral sexting of a minor. While the guy admits he likes ‘em young, he claimed the young man he spotted on Craig’s List portrayed himself as of age when the two of them went into heavy duty dirty talk mode on the phone. “It was just fantasy fun – that’s like my fetish,” explained our innocent 40 year old who prefers 18 year olds. Well, the law didn’t see it that way. Turns out the young man was a kid of 15 and now our hot shot meteorologist faces a twenty year jail term.

Hell, at least if he had gotten a piece of ass out of it!

As I’ve preached before, buyer beware when it comes to communicating with these young men who look barely legal to begin with on the web. You can’t trust the webmasters to NSA ‘em and you’re the one who gets fucked if his pube hairs are still growing in. Yep, fantasy can cost ya. If you play with fire – like some horny kid with all those budding hormones raging, who claims to be 18 or maybe is even 18 – you’re gonna get burnt.

With all the gay men in this world and in South Florida, including twenty somethings looking for a daddy, he’s gotta have a barely legal kid? Give me a break! Plus he puts all us responsible and, yes, healthy sexually, gay guys in a bad light and gives another reason for warped str8 society to put us down.

On that note, fed up with chasing after all the guys I prefer in their 40’s or 50’s who apparently are lusting after or have successfully secured younger lovers, I’ve decided to start responding to all those twenty somethings that have been hitting me up lately who just love their hairy daddy.

So if I start blogging you from jail – I got one of those smart mobile devices that plug right into your USB port so you can wifi anywhere – well, you know what happened.

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