Well, will it be between Hillary and Christie, from my home state of Jersey, or Hillary vs. Rubio, from my adopted state of Florida?

By winning the governorship for a second time in a state where there are 700,000 more Democrats than Republicans, Christie may be just what the GOP needs to save itself – a moderate who, despite conservative views, is also willing to bend. That is if the Tea Party Anals let him. Rubio may look attractive being a Latino, but besides being too young, he’s is too tight assed with his social views, the last thing the Republicans need to perpetuate.

But Hillary is not necessarily a shoo-in either since Benghazi. After all, as Secretary of State, the buck stopped with her, and I’m sure the ‘pubs will exploit that Achilles heel to the hilt come 2016.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, Here in Florida, Charlie Crist, the Republican turned Democrat, has announced he plans to run again as Governor. He’s changed his stance on social views more times than a chameleon changes colors. First he was against gay marriage, now that he sees we gays have political clout, he’s for it. Just because the urban legend down here says he’s got some male paramour stowed away in St. Petersburg (an accusation he vehemently denies), is not enough of a reason to support him, even if Rick Scott, our current Governor, who looks like he’s on meth, is a total Capitalistic shit head.

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