Well, Oxford Dictionaries has made it official, “Selfie” defined as “a self-portrait made with a smartphone” is now fully recognized word.

Hell, I’ve taken plenty of “selfies” since I got my Samsung Galaxy S III this past May, and the evidence is the scandalous pics I post on my Facebook page, some of which nearly got me kicked off, or the more revealing ones I post on my hook-up site profiles. (Ah, what we’ll let hang out to get a man.)

But being the perpetual cynic, I’d also like to give selfie a second definition:

”gay men who expect sex with them to be totally one-sided in gratification, with their partner the doer, and they the receiver.”

Like the guy who lays there and asks you fuck his ass or suck his dick without barely touching you, like you were some rentboy without the $$.

What happened to foreplay and reciprocation? Are “selfies” just another ugly manifestation of the “it’s all about me – just me” mentality of so many gay men today?

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