Yes, We’re Out There

An interesting survey by Ohio State University underscored what people say and how they really feel are two different worlds which comes as no surprise to this guy who spent thirty years in the bullshit world of public relations.

Seems when individuals are surveyed about their sexual activity, more will admit they have had same sex relations when the survey is conducted anonymously than when their identity is known. Based on the stats compiled by Ohio U, as many as 1 out of 4 Americans said they had fucked around with their own sex when their ID in the survey process was deep sixed, and one out of five – almost 20% – considered themselves homosexual. With an adult population in the US now around 250,000,000, there may be as many as 40 or even 50 million of us, much higher than earlier educated guesstimates.

At the same time, anti-gay sentiments or homophobia were more evident in the anonymous survey versus the survey where individuals’ IDs were known. While a much higher number of people in the anonymous survey vs. the standard version agreed with the lofty ideal, that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation should be illegal, when it was applied in the real world, many less were comfortable about having a gay for a boss.

As expected, younger people polled were generally more liberal in their views than those who were older, conservative politically or members of the Religious Right.

So it may take another generation to see the Brave New World be ours.

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