Fort Lauderdale Among Money Magazine’s “Best Cities to Retire”

We placed number 6 on the list and for a couple of good reasons: the weather of course, plenty of beaches and waterways, no state income tax, and a free and breezy lifestyle.

And for gay men over 45, Lauderdale is a party town, if you like that, where older gay men don’t feel like dinosaurs, which is what I hear from other guys who live in former bastions of gaydom, or have seen myself when visiting NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and all those smaller cities where all you’ve got is one gay bar. The young and pretty dominate most of today’s scene (weren’t we young and pretty once, too?), but here while there are the clubs for the twentysomethings, most of our bars cater to a range of ages where often the young and old mix.

Fort Lauderdale is also one of the few towns, on the East Coast at least, where, if you like leather, you can wear it without feeling like a jerk. Even if you are fifty pounds overweight. In fact, while we have one of the leading leather bars in the country, the Ramrod, leather attire is accepted almost anywhere.

Just a word of caution for you older guys who like ‘em young. While true love can still happen between a 66 year old and 36 year old, there are also a lot of young slick hustlers down here who want you for what you can do for them not, not who you are. There’s no problem with that, as long as you know what you’re doing.

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