Gay Men In Str8 Marriages

The other day, the advice column lady, Miss Amy, in our local paper ran a letter from a woman whose husband after 15 years of marriage and two kids told her he’s gay and that his best friend, also married, is also gay. She thinks the guys have never connected sexually but she is wondering whether she should tell the other wife. Meanwhile she and hubby are in counseling to open lines of communication.

Give me a break! The two guys haven’t fucked yet? Counseling is the answer? Bullshit! The guy
wants his cake and eat it too. Have his bf on the side yet lead a charade with an understanding, empathetic wife so she won’t take him to the cleaners in a bloody divorce.

Guys who know they’re gay and marry a woman who doesn’t know they’re gay are snakes. Yea, maybe thirty, forty years ago family and ethnic pressures forced men into marriages they didn’t want, and, yes, there are guys out there disciplined enough to sublimate their sexual desires in favor a str8 married life and family. But the couple in our letter have only been married 15 years, By then, everything was out in the open. They should have never gotten hitched if he knew what he really wanted. Marrying her for a so-called respectable existence and kids was selfish.

If a guy today feels the marriage pressures on him, get the fuck out of town – go to an out-of-state college, get a job a thousand miles away, or join the Foreign Legion. But don’t think you’re going to cure your wandering eye by walking down the aisle with a female. Unless the gal knew and thought she could change him – foolish bitch – sooner or later, the guy will cheat, maybe bring home some nasty STD, or leave her when she’s old and unmarketable on the singles scene.

So when these guys get slammed and cleaned out by their bitter other half in a knock down divorce, can you really blame her?

And as a sidebar to all this, guys who played suburban hubby for decades and wait to come out when the Just For Men doesn’t work anymore, are often extremely naïve and childlike about “The Life.” They’re the first ones to get ripped off by some young’en who says they “love” them, or come down with AIDS because they have no idea what the fuck is going on. True story; a 71 year old man I met at a gay guesthouse I was staying at in St. Pete’s told me he got HIV with his first fuck!

Returning to our lovely fucked up couple, Miss Amy advised her writer to tell the other wife in around about way by mentioning her husband had spilled the beans and that he and her hubby are best buds. (Hint, hint.) Even Amy was skeptical about the guys’ platonic relationship and basically told the gal, of course in a very professional way, that she’d better worry about her own ass first.

Point well taken.

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