A Follow-up On Our Whoring Weatherman Who Liked ‘Em Young

I recently wrote about that former big time TV weatherman down here in south Florida who was convicted for immoral sexting – yea, you read it right – sexting, not fucking a minor. While the guy admits he liked ‘em young, he claimed the young man he spotted on Craig’s List portrayed himself as of age when the two of them went into heavy duty dirty talk mode on the phone. “It was just fantasy fun – that’s like my fetish,” explained our innocent 40 year old. Well, the law didn’t see it that way.

Turns out the young man was a kid of 15.

Well this past week, Mr. Want ‘Em Young was sentenced to almost 5 years in prison for his philandering fingers, and the irony is that’s he’s probably gonna be fucked by a lot of guys in cellblock 13 who’ll make him look like chicken.

Hey, I’m the last one to moralize, but Jesus, use some fucken common sense next time a young’en comes on to you for some virtual sex, huh? Go to one of those celeb porn sites where they supposedly got nude footage of Justin Bieber or a like “I’m 19 but look 14” hottie.

It’s just safer.

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