There’s A Whole Lotta Trouble in River City

That’s a famous line from a classic, somewhat forgotten Broadway musical of yesteryear, “The Music Man”, but it fits what’s happening today in the gay world:

• Taking the hold on same sex marriages in Utah by the U.S. Supreme Court until the issue is debated by an appeals court a step further, the Governor of Utah has proclaimed that the more than 1300 same sex marriages that were performed since a federal judge ruled Utah’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional are now invalid. As a sidebar to this, test cases are now moving through the legal morass in Virginia and Ohio contesting these states’ current bans on gay marriage.

• Despite the fact it is a member of the European Union where 10 nations allow gays to marry, Holier-than-Thou Italy not only does not have civil union laws on the books, it is at least 20 years behind in anti-homophobic laws, i.e., hate crimes. Many blame undue influence on the Legislature by the Vatican, others on Italy’s macho culture; yet a majority of Italians have no problem with gays getting married. Another very Catholic, macho country, Spain, has had gay marriage on the books for almost ten years, so what’s the problem?

• An Alabama state senator says he plans to introduce a resolution in support of Duck Dynasty Big Daddy’s hate talk status stance on homosexuals. Not that the senator is anti gay, of course not: “We just don’t want people running over people that believe in the Bible…” With 18% of Alabama citizens living under the poverty line, don’t their legislators have better things to do? And what happened to Jesus’ edict, “Love one another?” That’s in the Bible too, dummy.

• Some openly gay soldiers have expressed concerns that the current Presidential directive abolishing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy might be reversed by a future, more conservative Administration, leaving them abandoned and vulnerable to being kicked out, losing their military pensions and worse. Hey, if Christie who’s against gay marriage isn’t shot down as a Presidential candidate in 2016 because of his current George Washington Bridge scandal and wins over Hillary, who has her own excess baggage (the ‘Pubs won’t let us forget Benghazi),these soldiers’ fears may not be idle paranoia.

Yea, we’ve won many battles up to now, but the war’s still raging …

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