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When Are We Going to DO Something About Smoking and Obesity?

The Surgeon General just released a 900+ page report, this time indicting smoking for a shitload of additional cancers.


Unless I missed something, Obamacare should have included incentives or disincentives, be it much higher premiums or federal tax consequences, for persons who smoke, the biggest drug addiction in the world, and/or weigh, let’s say, 25-30% over their ideal weight unless they truly have a medical (in a wheelchair), metabolic or inherited issue that can’t be corrected, which represents a miniscule percentage of people. Otherwise, all this talk on us doing something about a growing population of smoke stack blimps is just that – talk.

Treating cancers which often are untreatable, along with high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and the resulting heart attacks and crippling strokes – the vast majority of which are the result of heavy smoking or living in a refrigerator – is costing ALL OF US billions of dollars in avoidable health care expenditures. Money that could be spent on repairing our roads and bridges, better preparing our youth for tomorrow, creating jobs, etc., etc., etc.

So you take care of yourself – watch your diet, exercise, and are not one of those persons who got a bad roll of the dice when it came to the gene pool – and the next guy is a chain smoker (a particularly ugly fag habit) or has a booth in McDonalds with his name on it – and YOU’RE paying for HIS bad habits.

The tobacco companies, having already seen the handwriting on the wall here in the U.S., are diversifying their holdings and targeting any increase in market share to countries that still don’t give a damn; and even the fast food chains are beginning to post calorie content (when I see that shake contains 900 cals, I think twice) or offering healthier entrees. Yes, it’s true that crap food is cheap but that doesn’t mean you can’t find healthy alternatives.

If we’re serious about smoking it’s time to set a goal to make this country smoke free in 20, even 10 years; raise the price of cigs to a ridiculous level like twenty-five bucks a pack), do not sell cigs to persons under 35, and offer smoke cessation classes and the meds for those already hooked.

Ditto on an aggressive plan for the fat front.

And tax the hell out of those who don’t listen.

I know all this sounds socialistic in a capitalistic society but Americans are lazy. Unless you hurt us in the pocketbook, most of us do nothing.

Otherwise, stop commissioning these fucken reports. The paper they’re printed on is too stiff to even wipe your ass with it.

Privacy is Dead (But You Already Knew That)

After all that gnashing of teeth following Snowden’s revelations on how the government is spying on all of us, Obama’s pronouncement on how he is going to reform the National Security Administration’s collection of data was essentially bullshit. Nothing is really going to change, and the recent epidemic of mass credit card hacking is just the latest example of how we have handed over our privacy to the digitators – legal and illegal.

Hey, you wanna hunt down that hottie on your phone app, you gonna have pay the price.

And as far Snowden’s declarations that he achieved what he wanted to, I want some of the medical marijuana he’s smoking. I think, in the end, all he achieved was to fuck up his life.

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