It’s About Time: Lawsuits Filed against Florida’s Ban on Same Sex Marriage

gay marriage cartoon

Following the lead left by the Supreme Court’s decision last June and successful lawsuits in others states, Florida, with one of the largest gay populations in the country which BTW contributes billions in resident and tourist dollars to the state’s economy, has been sued in the state’s supreme court by six gay couples who want to get married. Their argument: Florida’s current ban on same sex marriage violates “the fundamental rights, dignity and equality guaranteed to all persons by the United States Constitution.”

As expected, our enemies like the Religious Right and Family Values groups have come out, citing a 2008 referendum in which 62% of Floridians voting voted for a ban on same sex hook-ups; and the traditionalist views of our Governor “Ain’t Done Nothing” Scott. A just completed poll shows a slight majority of Florida residents favor gay marriage, the younger Democrats/Independents being in favor, the older Republicans against.

OK, but in the end who gives a fuck what the people and Governor think? I hate to keep picking on the Bible Belt, but did the feds ask Alabama whether it wanted to desegregate its schools or Kentucky if legal abortions were OK?

My response to all these holier-than-thou’s is: FUCK YOU!

If it’s our right under the Constitution, it’s our right. Period. I don’t need your approval.

But let’s see what happens next. I expect the legal entanglements going on right now in Utah and Oklahoma will lead to the whole damn thing being thrown back in the lap of the Supreme Court.

So be it.

My thanks to this cartoon from the South Florida Sun Sentinel that said in one picture what it took me to say in 250 words.

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