Why I Like – No, LOVE – Bound Jocks

Yea, it’s one of those pay-to-views, but for once it’s worth it. Young smooth guys, seasoned hairy guys, all hot and well – jocks, tied up in all sort of positions against their will (yea, sure – OK, let’s not wreck the fantasy) – while they are forced to suck another hunk’s cock or get fucked – again and again and again.

Poor boy!

Hey, can we talk? I’ll admit it, my ultimate super- sexual fantasy is all bondage, to be tied up on a crossbar, high up on some stage, naked of course, wearing just some work boots, my rock hard cock and balls bound up, my sac weighed down, and rough clips on my tits while some Nazi commandant resembling Himmler gives orders to his troops – all young naked humpy blonde Aryans – to edge me up, tongue my hairy hole, drip hot wax on my balls, yank my tits – you get the idea, huh?

The closest thing I got to my fantasy – or I should say, nightmare – was when I got a shot of Trimix in my cock, just for fucking fun, which unfortunately didn’t quit. Ten hours later, I was in the ER with a dick that was as hard as an iron pipe and aching like hell where the urologist who, funny thing, looked like Himmler, told me the procedure to drain the blood from my very erect organ would leave me permanently impotent. (one consolation – I do have a cute butt if I was left to bottom for the rest of my life). Only the Benadryl I popped like candy on my way to the hospital saved the day and wimped out my dick just before he was ready to perform “The Final Solution.”

Nightmare? Absolutely, though I still chuckle to this day about the comment the nurse – female – who was in my room to assist Herr Doctor said to her cohorts when she was back at the nurses station while I sat with an icepack on my crotch.

“He‘s got a nice one.”

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