What Did Duck Dynasty’s Big Daddy REALLY Say?

The interview that caused all that brouhaha in both the gay and str8 media appeared in the January 2014 issue of GQ. So what did Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson actually say?

What in your mind is sinful?

Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and that man.

Then Robertson paraphrased Corinthians:

Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers – they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself, it’s not right.

Wow! Robertson sure put us together with a lot of wild company!

And what’s the actual verse from First Corinthians, which I believe not one media outlet took the time to research?

“But now I have written unto you not to keep company of any man that is called a brother as a fornicator, or covetous or an idolater, or a railer or a drunkard or an extortioner.”

No mention of gay boys, right? The Bible also says not to hear ham. Does that mean I’m a sinner if I like lunch meat? Or that adulterers should be stoned to death. Should we take every philandering husband and wife and put them on some reality S&M show? It would the longest running one in TV history!

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