So What Do You Call YOUR Ding Dong?

One of the glossy, high end men’s mags had a cute spread recently entiled, “Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Penis.” According to the author’s best sources – his ex-girlfriends – his thingee was just “OK,” though one admitted “you’re smaller than average but you got girth. My friends used to call you Girth Brooks.”

One other girl confessed bigger isn’t always better since big fuckers fuck rough, and that her best sex was with a guy who wasn’t well endowed but knew how to treat a woman right. Whatever that is.

Wondering what your sex partners would say about your dick once all the “Fucken A, fucken A!” talk is over and he’s tying up his sneaks? I do.

As for size standards, again according to our author, 4 inches is “cool,” 4-6, “great job!” and 6 to 12, “oh boy!” And what do the sexologists say? The average American male penis is about 5 to 5 and half inches erect.

But let’s get to the chase. What do your call YOUR penis? Some names the author threw out: Johnson (?), Willie, Li’l Fireman. Anthony Weiner (ha-ha), Love Sword, Broner, (typo?) Mr. Happy, Upright Citizen, Disco Stick, Chubbie, One Eyed Trouser Snake.

Me? I’ve always called mine Mr. Peter, kinda non-judgmental, ya think?

So, what about YOU?

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