So Tell Me, Why Did Michael Sam Come Out?

He’s the NFL Prospect who this week publicly announced he’s gay. I haven’t even seen what the gay media has done with this story yet, but I’m sure he will be Saint Michael by the end of the week.

OK, I’m gay, been gay all my life, believe in our civil rights as citizens and all that, but I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here.

What was the purpose for him coming out? To be some hero for the cause in the eyes of the gay community? To make other gay players who are still in the closet more comfortable about coming out? Aren’t the circumstances for each player intensely personal? And what does sexual orientation got to do with how well you play the game, anyway? Or for most jobs for that matter?

I saw an AP wire story which says most of his team knew already. But put yourself in the shoes of a hetero player Wouldn’t you feel just a bit uncomfortable in the locker room knowing the guy there likes dick Hell, I go to a 99% gay gym and I feel a bit uncomfortable stripping when I know there are other gay guys around who act a bit lecherous.

You can legislate all you want. But we are not equal opportunity employers when it comes to our personal likes and dislikes. Sure, calling him a queer or a faggot is wrong but hell, wearing your sexual orientation on your sleeve is unnecessary and, yes, may impede performance in contact sports like football where touching asses and crotches are part of the game. If a str8 guy feels uneasy in the presence of naked gay guy, is he such a prick or just human?

I guess what I’m getting at is: who the fuck cares? Except maybe some leagues or teams who won’t pick him not because he likes dick, or even that some of their players may feel threatened, but because they don’t want to be put under a microscope by the media for every little fart they make if they do.

Just a note that that basketball player who came out last year still hasn’t been picked up. Yea, he’s older and was at the end of his career, but I’m just sayin’

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