Do They Love Us – Or Our Money?

It’s not news that Las Vegas is getting gayer. Now the Tropicana just announced that it will be inaugurating weekly Saturday pool parties just for us.

Isn’t that nice?

“We are a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community,” explained its marketing director proudly. (What’s the Q stand for, I wonder? Queer??) Great to hear, but could it be the Tropicana has decided to get on the gay friendly bandwagon and woke up to the reality a lot of once stale str8 businesses have:

Those of us who have the dough love to spend! Frivolously.

Hey, despite NSA’s ease-dropping and programs like Obamacare that some feel smack of socialism, we’re still the Bastion of Capitalism, Capital C.

So enjoy the pool party boys: you’ll be helping to pay off Tropicana’s just completed two hundred million dollar reno a little sooner.

It’s the same advice I give my over 60 financially comfortable buddies when they’re wooed by under 35 year olds whose sole possessions are their bike and a toothbrush. (“But he loves me!”)

Enjoy his tight bubble butt but just remember he’d rather have you shove dollars than your dick up there. And knowing my naïve, impressible friends, I’m sure their youthful paramours will get both.

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