Ryan Uhre Case: Nothing New

Autopsy results are still pending on Ryan Uhre, the gay legislative intern who was found dead earlier this week in an abandoned building in Tallashee not far from where he was last seen watching the Super Bowl in a sports bar. (See my posting from yesterday.)

The question remains: what was he doing in the building in the first place? Rendezvousing with some guy he connected with on Grind’r that he had been cruising that day? Having sex with a guy he met at the bar? Shooting up

Was he killed by this trick or by some quirk did he die of an overdose, of an accident in that building waiting for the guy, or even perhaps die of natural causes?

Meanwhile, what I find very peculiar is that after being a headline story in the papers and on TV in Fort Lauderdale where he was a native, nothing, I mean, NO mention of the case was made yesterday in the local media. Instead they talked forever about Justin Bieber’s lawyers fighting release of video showing him whipping out his dick and pissing on the police precinct floor after being arrested on drug charges. Who gives a fuck? Releasing the video will probably garner him another million stupid fans.

So why the Ryan “black-out?” My suspicions:

Are the parents trying to cover the fact that their son was gay and don’t want any more press that will draw attention to that reality which probably led to his death?

Did the state legislator he worked for use his influence, perhaps again as a result of pleas from the family, to put a hush on everything?

Or do the media just feel it’s yesterday’s news, particularly since all indicators point to some fag sexual encounter gone bad?

More to come – I think.

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