Ryan Uhre: Case Closed?

The medical experts concluded that Ryan Uhre, the gay legislative intern and Fort Lauderdale native, died from plunging two stories in the abandoned building in Tallahassee he entered via a second story window where exterior signage clearly indicated there was no floor. According to the M.E., the injuries he suffered were “not survivable.” Maybe he didn’t see the warning signs, but the mystery persists: why was he in the building in the first place unless he was there to meet someone?

Was that someone an online trick he had contacted on Grind’r where phone records show he had been cruising that day, a man he met at the straight sports bar where he was last seen alive watching the Super Bowl, or was this a drug deal gone bad though there are no indications Ryan used drugs. (A toxicology report is pending.)

Did the person he was supposed to meet lure him there on a pretext, with their real motive to have him die a horrible death because he hated fags? Was this some kind of twisted hate crime?

Or did that person, simply interested in rendezvousing with Ryan, once he saw what had happened, disappear from the scene for fear of being implicated?

Unless someone comes forward, or the security footage from a camera in the alley way which identified another man in the vicinity bears fruit, we probably will never know.

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