Arizona Homophobia

OK, so some wedding cake baker or wedding planner or florist wants the legal right to turn down a gay couple’s business because the owner or owners are Holy Rollers and not be charged with discrimination. While everybody else wants to grab those new found gay dollars, they wanna say, No thank you.”

Fine. I’m sure there are ten florists, wedding planners and bakers panting in line for the business

But let me get something straight here. Isn’t a business a SECULAR enterprise? Don’t many businesses go for federal and state business loans or grants, SECULAR dollars? So that’s OK, but when two guys or gals come in dewy-eyed wanting to spend MONEY, suddenly they pull out the religion card.

As I’ve told you before, I was a good Lutheran boy working for a Catholic health care system who, pardon me for those of you who are good Catholics, thought the Church philosophy prohibiting abortions and family planning was bullshit. But when I walked into the office, I followed the company line. Sure my religious beliefs as a Protestant were being compromised (even if I was fucking in NYC’s Village every weekend), but a paycheck is a paycheck. Like I said before, the best courses I ever took in college were my acting classes.

I also am still pissed about the fact that religious-sponsored health care facilities which are still businesses, be they profit or non-profit, need secular money in the form of Medicare, Medicaid, and federal, state and city grants to survive, yet refuse to provide health services not in line with their religious philosophy.

The bottom line, separation of church and state also means separating your secular responsibilities from your religious beliefs.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

As a follow-up to this posting on Arizona’s homophobia, you probably heard by now the governor vetoed the bill last night. I think her decision was driven more by economic reasons than philosophical ones. A lot of major national companies and even the Chamber of Commerce had voiced their objections, the Latin Lawyers Association had cancelled its convention there in protest, and there was even a threat the state would lose its right to host the next Super Bowl. So be it – whatever works. But nothing is more powerful than the Almighty Dollar to change people’s minds.

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