Why Do Conservatives and the Religious Right Fear Us?

Despite our minor victory in Arizona, the Conservative Far Right is still determined to push through discriminatory legislation there and elsewhere so that businesses can refuse to take our money (isn’t that the ultimate joke) on religious grounds. Meanwhile on the gay marriage front, federal courts in Texas and Kentucky have ruled that bans on same sex marriage are illegal, but in states like Utah and Michigan, where those rulings have already been made, everything is in a hold pattern until an appeals process is completed.


The U.S. Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional, so why are they wasting taxpayers’ dollars, including ours?

All this leads me to a much bigger question.

Why do conservatives and the Religious Right fear us?

I use the word fear, not hate, because isn’t fear what’s it’s really all about? Maybe a few of them out there actually even envy our free and breezy lifestyle (more myth than reality) and are using hate as a cover.

But how can you justify that when you look at the numbers? Even if we use the very generous 10% as that portion of the total adult American population of some 240,000,000 as being gay, we are still a vastly outnumbered minority.

True, like all minorities we are not evenly seasoned throughout the country. Our biggest numbers are in the cities, where most of the U.S. population is based, cities like L.A., Chicago, D.C., New York, where the jobs are, the businesses are, the culture is, all of which we contribute to in talent and taxes. And what about all the decaying inter-city neighborhoods we have brought back from the dead?

But even in one of the gayest towns in the U.S. like Wilton Manors, next door to Fort Lauderdale here in Florida, only 14% of the total households are comprised of same-sex couples. Nation-wide, same-sex couples come in just under a million, less than the entire population of just one county, Broward County as an example where Wilton Manors sits.

So what the fuck is the overwhelming hetero majority afraid of?

That we will pollute or brainwash or, worse, rape their kids when stats prove the overwhelming majority of pedophiles are straight, often their kids’ coaches and clergy?

That we will ruin the sanctity of marriage when 6 out of 10 str8 marriages end in divorce?

That some of our alternative (read perverted) lifestyle and sexual practices will bring down our entire society, indeed civilization, as if we had a patent on those practices?

Could it be some of that fear is actually envy of our perceived, unregimented, unscripted lives, as depicted in the media or on the screen, though again you’ll agree that’s more fiction than fact for those of us who lead the same mundane lives as our str8 counterparts.

But as “tres gay” as some people may feel about LA or NYC or Lauderdale, or as many times as I see gay couples shopping in Walmart, does it ever cross any of our minds that we are going to Hitlerize our society and take over the world?

And as for pulling the religion card, Jesus’ overruling commandment was a simple one: “Love one another.” He loved the adulterer, the prostitute, the thief, yes even the tax collector (Matthew, his disciple).

Who are we to love any less?

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