On the Subject of Marriage (Again)

Well, the federal court in Michigan has knocked down the ban on same sex marriages – Michigan is the eighteenth state to make it legal – and based its decision on the unconstitutionality of the law. Again, to save more taxpayer dollars, why the hell doesn’t the Supreme Court just proactively, without waiting for some test cases, decree, enough already – unconstitutional is unconstitutional, period, and whether you like it or not, same sex marriage is the law of the land. So get used to it.

And here I go being nasty again (not hard for me to do), but how come almost every time a state goes rainbow, the first pics in the media are of two fat ugly bull dykes who could be their own trailer park?

BTW, here’s food for thought. Common law marriage may not be recognized in all states but a common law marriage sanctioned in one state must be recognized in another state even if that state doesn’t have a common law marriage statue on the books. So how about a lot of us gay boys who have been together with our partners for years, maybe decades – can we finally tell the fuck who’s been reminding us for the past 30 years to keep the toilet seat up to piss off and get more out of him than just some worn out Colt DVD’s?

I won’t bring the subject up with my other half – I got a lot more money than he does.

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